I’m an illustrator and artist from the Hague. After finishing the Willem de Kooning academy in Rotterdam I did lots of stuff, but mostly making minimum wage behind coffee counters. After several years of being firmly head locked in the tight grip of the hospitality industry I realized that my only way of escaping this life, defined by early alarm clocks and permanent stains of coffee grounds between his fingernails, was conning people into paying actual money for my drawings. Which I continues doing to this day. I also have a dog named Henk. ︎


instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ivojanss

soundcloud: soundcloud.com/eif

Past Exhibitions:

CC Berenstraat presents: “Ivo Janss”
Solo Exhibition 2017

CC van wou presents: “de Haagse School”
Group exhibition 2018

SOLO SHOW at Pols Potten, Amsterdam, 2020